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Insurance Inspections

Insurance companies or other companies prior to acquiring assets may require an audit to ensure building or electrical installation compliance with Australian Standards (AS3000).

Our Licensed Inspectors will complete a full audit and provide you with a complete report.



Safety Inspections

Companies aquiring new assets cannot always be assured of the quality of previous electrical work. Our inspectors will complete a full inspection for your safety and piece of mind.

Should any safety issues be identified, we are able to immediately take action to ensure that no further damage occurs, and will advise you on the best way to ensure future compliance.


Electrical Asset Inspections and Auditing

We perform Asset Inspections and Auditing for all types of electrical assets and installations. We can give you piece of mind that your assets and installations comply to Australian Standards and advise you on appropriate action to take in order to meet standards.




Inspection Reports

We provide you with a complete inspection report detailing compliance with Australian Standards (including which standards if any are in breach, and advice on how to rectify any breaches).


Advice and Consultancy

We can work with you to ensure that your installation is Standards compliant. Get it right from the start with advice from the experts..